Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ghost Hunt

+ Great education about paranormal research.
+Get to see different ways the paranormal can attack or effect people.
+ The character development is astounding and draws people to watch the anime or read the manga.
+ The viewers/readers learn when Mia, one of the main characters, does.
-The anime isn’t complete in America. Season 2 and a movie aren’t available.
- Viewers don’t know the whole story you have to read to find out.
- Not everything manga gets brought to the anime.
~ Ghost Hunt is a great anime for the paranormal watchers. But it’s also great for romantics as well since there is a budding romance between Mia and Naru.
~ The character dinamics are great. You have a mish-mash team that ends up being great together when you’d think they would bring disaster.
~ Mia having a budding gift adds to the story. As the story goes on she starts to learn more about herself and her powers.
~ Mia dreams of “Naru” who is really his dead twin brother. He warns her of things to come, why doesn’t he reach out to any of the others?
Would Like:
* The anime to be finished.
* The question of Dream “Naru” reaching out to others in the team answered.
* The relationship between Naru and Mia to develop.
* Monk and Lee to get together.

Ronin Warriors

+ Detailed storyline that is explained throughout the whole series.
+ Great character, each having a background, relationship, power and purpose.
+ The bad guys have a storyline that explains their purpose and the reason for attacking the world.
+ The weapons and armors are legendary and even they have a storyline. There are five ‘good’ armors Wildfire, Hardrock, Torrent, Light and Strata.
- The character Mia is annoying. She has a know-it-all attitude and acts superior to the Ronins.
- The team gets broken up quickly after first being created.
- Anubis’s dies suddenly. He is a great character but sacrifices his life for the Ronins.
-  In the movie they call Ryo Rio. The translations weren’t carried through properly.
~ Usually I’d be all for digitally remastering the anime, but the old design of the characters adds too the atmosphere of the story. If anything check the color saturations.
~ The series is too short. There is much more in the manga than the anime.
~  Some Ronins aren’t stared as much but have a deeper background. Such as Rowen of Strata is a genius. He lives basically on his own since his parents travel for work. He’s a best friend with Sage of Light. They’ve known each other for years. They should be brought in more.
Would Like:
* More interaction with all of the Ronins.
* Mia to disappear.
* Anubis to return to life. He should have never died.
* Another season or longer series.